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Mastering Ejaculation
maximusDate: Saturday, 2010-10-16, 22:15:17 | Message # 1
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Simple Techniques for Mastering Ejaculation

by Pala Copeland & Al Link
Urban Male Magazine, December-January 98-99

Is this an all too familiar scenario? Hot and heavy loving with hungry kisses and tender caresses that promise orgasmic bliss for both you and your eager partner when all of a sudden you're one thrust past the edge, the dam bursts and it's over. You're finished, "spent" and ready for sleep. She's still waiting for more, perhaps wistfully contemplating a purchase of that acrylic vibrating dildo her friend has been raving about.

Well, you're not alone in this too-quick-for-her-climax intercourse. The "average" man makes about 50 thrusts before he ejaculates. For most women it takes approximately 10 minutes of active intercourse to reach orgasm. Even the most optimistic lover can see these numbers just don't add up! But don't roll over and nod off yet, there are some simple things you can do to bring your partner and you much closer together.

These male/female discrepancies in timing are part physiological and part habit. Physically men's and women's arousal rates vary widely, but for the most part women become fully turned on much more slowly than men. So a great way to make sure you're both happy with your love life is to include lots of foreplay. Help her reach orgasm with your fingers, tongue, lips before you even start to have intercourse.

Secondly, most men's experience with sex starts out as rather furtive masturbation, a quick release in the bathroom or under the bedcovers before someone can see what's going on. Then onto early sexual experiences with a girlfriend in back seats of cars or in a basement rec room, again in a hurry, before she changes her mind or her parents come along to change it for her.

Now when you have the time and space for long lovemaking good old John Thomas is still back in the "I've gotta come now" days, and he's not going to slow down just because you tell him to. That's like asking a guy who's trained as a sprint champ to bring home a gold in the 5000 meter instead. He may well be able to make the shift but he's going to need coaching. You can train him with your mind, your muscles and your breath or a combination of all three. It's not entirely up to you either, your loving partner can assist, after all it's for her benefit as well!

The first step is to become aware of your own levels of arousal. Experiment, take your time and give yourself a very real self-loving exploration, not just a quick masturbatory release. Notice how your penis moves through distinct changes before orgasm and ejaculation, he's not just soft and then hard and spewing. There are four defined stages of erection: lengthening and filling; swelling; full erection; rigid erection. The fourth stage, rigid erection, characterized by a penis that's very stiff (a boner) and very hot, signifies ejaculation is close at hand. Through attentive self-arousal and the playful hands of your sweetheart you can learn how to stay for longer periods of time in the exciting, but less explosive, third stage of firm erection. When you feel yourself moving into the hard, hot level stop stimulation, relax and pay attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply.

The Power of Breath

Conscious breathing is a key for extended lovemaking. Rapid breathing excites and arouses you. Slow, controlled breathing, way down into your belly, calms you and helps delay ejaculation. Focusing on your breath takes your attention away from your genitals. Synchronizing your breathing rhythm with your partner's strengthens your connection with each other.

Adding sound to your breathing can also help you ride the edge of pleasure. As you exhale send out a deep lion roar. Feel the sound come from your scrotum, up through your belly and lungs and out your mouth as a powerful release of the orgasmic tension building inside you.

You can use some of the following "muscle techniques" to postpone ejaculation as well.

PC (pubococcygeous) Muscle Contraction

This is simply squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, around the scrotum, penis and anus as you feel ejaculation approaching. An easy way to practice this is to interrupt your urine stream when you are going to the bathroom.

Perineum Pressure

Pressing on the perineum, a spot midway between your scrotum and your anus, will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland. It is the prostate that contracts and expands during orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid. Ask your partner to apply this loving pressure for you.

Testes Tug

When a man nears orgasm his scrotum rises up closer to his body. You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling your testes down and away from your body. Your partner can also do this for you.

Penis Tip Squeeze

Squeezing your penis just below the head or glans can help to stop oncoming ejaculation. It necessitates withdrawing completely from your partner during intercourse, but is an excellent way to begin practice on your own with masturbation.

Passion Pump

This technique, which combines squeezing the PC muscles, rolling your eyes upward, touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and visualizing your sexual energy flowing up through your body while you practice controlled deep breathing is one of the most effective ways of delaying ejaculation. It's a Taoist sexual kung fu technique that has the added benefit of helping you circulate your sexual energy through your body rather than having it remain hot and heavy in your genital region.

Special Tip

It is easier to delay ejaculation by focusing on moving your sex energy through your body rather than focusing on not ejaculating. Stopping movement, relaxing a little and breathing deeply and slowly will all aid with this practice.

The Importance of the Prostate Gland

When you practice delaying ejaculation it is very important to massage the prostate gland, so that it doesn't become sore. You can do this by pressing on the perineum. The prostate can be felt as a bumpy walnut shape beneath your fingers. Especially delightful is massaging in circular motions, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, with a piece of folded silk on the perineum spot.

Thrusting Technique

A superb thrusting technique that brings great pleasure to a woman and helps a man to last is a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. By shallow thrusts we mean your penis only enters 1½ to 2 inches inside your partner. These first couple of inches are the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina. Deep thrusts mean your penis enters as fully as you can.

In this technique you combine a series of nine fairly quick shallow thrusts with one slow deep one. The shallow thrusts stimulate your partner's most sensitive vaginal tissues and at the same time create a vacuum effect that makes her ache for the deep thrust to come. And because most of your thrusts are shallow ones, exciting only the first few inches of your penis, you're able to rock on for much longer!

Mind over Muscle

Practicing squeezing your PC muscles will enable you to gradually become so familiar with your genitals, that you will be able to discern each separate muscle group and contract/relax them at will. At first you will tighten your genitals and everything will contract at once. Later you will be able to contract your anal muscles without moving your penis or scrotum, or pull up your scrotum while your anus and penis remain relaxed, or bob your penis up and down while nothing else moves. Eventually just a thought will relax everything, especially your smooth genital muscles, sending your hot sexual energy shooting through your body, not out the end of your penis, but instead into your partner through eye contact, intercourse, or touching.

Smooth muscles are internal muscles over which you normally have no conscious control. You may not have been aware that you have smooth muscles. They're muscles like your heart muscle, the muscles that push your food through your digestive tract and the muscles that push the sperm and semen out the end of your penis. Becoming aware of your smooth muscles and eventually gaining enough mastery to be able to consciously keep them relaxed will enable blood to flow into the penis, maintaining an erection almost indefinitely - certainly long enough to satisfy the most demanding partner, through and through. Gaining control over the smooth muscles in your genitals is the key to maintaining your peak sexual arousal for long periods of time -- even long enough to experience whole body orgasms, rather than simply genital orgasms. In a whole body orgasm your entire body becomes an exquisite erogenous zone, much like your genitals always are. You can actually reach orgasm when your lover is rubbing your chest, or sucking on your toes and fingers, or nibbling your ears and throat.

The magical key to opening the doorway into multiple whole body orgasms is relaxation of your smooth muscles, no matter how aroused, excited, or turned on you are.

Train your mind to think of something other than ejaculation. Thinking "I don't want to ejaculate" is still thinking about ejaculation. You must have something else to focus your attention. We don't recommend reciting sports stats or in any way diverting your attention from lovemaking. It is essential that you be fully present from moment to moment. But instead of thinking about ejaculation, or worrying about ejaculating too quickly, we suggest you think about pleasing your partner. Learn to take pleasure for yourself in the pleasing of your partner. Notice how she reacts when your tongue is exploring around her clitoris, but also notice how her clitoris feels on your tongue. Notice how she enjoys when you suck on her nipples, but also notice how her breasts feel pressed against your face. Notice how she moans when you gently run your fingers up the inside of her thighs, but also notice how her skin feels so soft and warm against your fingers.

With your attention fully engaged in this way - on your partner, your breath, your genital muscles -- you are going to last a long time. As your lovemaking goes on, and on, and on... perhaps for hours, the energy within you and between you and your lover will accumulate to such an intense level that you may spontaneously experience the opening of your higher "spiritual" centres. With this opening comes an experience of ecstasy, bliss, joy, and wonder. This is where mastery of ejaculation can lead you and your satisfied partner.


“Meritul nu constă în a fugi de plăcere, ci în a o întrebuinţa pentru a o stăpâni.” Clement din Alexandria, Stromates XI, 20

ninnaDate: Friday, 2013-03-01, 16:01:49 | Message # 2
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Cum să rezişti mai mult în timpul unei partide de sex

Mulţi bărbaţi se tem că nu işi satisfac partenerele sau că termină prea repede atunci cand fac sex. Cu toate că una dintre soluţii ar fi pilula albastră, există şi alte metode, potrivit sexologilor, care nu ţin de medicamente sau de altfel de practici care pe de o parte pot să dăuneze sănătăţii.

1. Sport

Dacă eşti în formă vei avea rezistenţă fizică şi vei putea să menţii un act sexual pentru mai mult timp. Astfel, potrivit experţilor se pare că bărbaţii care au muşci în partea superioară a corpului (pectorali şi braţe) şi au picioarele puternice sunt mai buni la pat. Astfel, încearcă să faci cât mai multe flotări şi genuflexiuni.

2. Proteine

O dietă bogată în proteine îţi îmbunătăţeşte viaţa sexuală, dar nu orice fel de proteine. cele obţinute din lactate sau carne de vită nu te ajută, ba din contră. Cle benefice se regăsesc în nuci şi seminţe, ulei de măsline şi peşte.

3. Practica

Cu cât faci mai mult sex, cu atât vei rezista mai mult în pat. Pentru că poate nu ai mereu o parteneră, nu te sfii să... repeţi singur. Nu e chiar la fel de plăcut, dar gândeşte-te că atunci când vei avea o iubită vei culege roadele... repetiţiei.

4. Încredere

Ai încredere în tine şi vei face minuni în pat. Nu te gândi de o mie de ori că nu ai un corp de Superman, că poate nu ştii cum să-ţi satisfaci iubita, că nu eşti super bogat sau că nu ai o carieră de invidiat. Când sunteţi "la orizontală" uită toate problemele şi temerile şi încearcă să ai încredere în tine. Altfel e foarte posibil să dai greş.

5. Preludiu

Se ştie că femeile ajung la orgasm mai greu decât bărbaţii. Pentru ca să nu se întâmple, din nou, să termini înainte ei şi apoi ea să stea bosumflată vreo două zile, nu uita de preludiu. Chiar dacă ţie nu îţi place, ar fi bine să îi oferi partenerei tale un preludiu lung, în care să se destindă şi să se simtă bine, pentru că în aşa fel va ajunge mai repede la punctul culminant.


dekadenceDate: Tuesday, 2014-04-15, 23:50:46 | Message # 3
Group: Users
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Ejacularea precoce: solutii

Definitia ejacularii precoce nu este foarte clara si este un subiect de disputa intre sexologii si cercetatorii in domeniu. Una dintre definitii spune ca ejacularea apare precoce atunci cand femeia nu atinge orgasmul in timpul actului sexual in cel putin 50% din contacte. Definitia ridica unele probleme, atata timp cat sunt unele femei care ajung la orgasm rapid, in timp ce altele nu ajung sa aiba orgasm, indiferent de durata actului sexual.

O asociatie americana defineste ejacularea precoce ca fiind acea ejaculare care apare in urma unei excitatii minime sexuale sau inainte sau la foarte scurt timp (2-3 minute) dupa penetrarea vaginala, fara o manipulare anterioara a penisului (masturbare, felatie/sex oral) si inainte ca persoana respectiva sa doreasca acest lucru.

Ejacularea precoce este o problema tipica pentru barbatii tineri, sub 30 de ani, si se considera ca este normala pentru barbatii tineri, la primele contacte sexuale. Pe masura ce barbatii au contacte sexuale si capata o anumita experienta, cei mai multi reusesc, in mod natural, sa nu mai aiba aceasta problema.

Unii cercetatori considera ca barbatii invata sa ejaculeze rapid in timpul adolescentei, in timpul masturbarii, de teama de a nu fi surprinsi de cei din jurul lor.


Poti apela la o serie de preparate sub forma de geluri sau spray-uri care, aplicate pe penis, il anesteziaza si astfel amana ejacularea.

Exista anumite tehnici pentru a incerca sa amani momentul ejacularii. Una dintre tehnici, numita 'stop-start', consta in stimularea manuala a penisului pana cand barbatul este aproape de a ejacula. In acel moment, cuplul 'ia o pauza' pana cand barbatul nu mai este excitat. Procedura se repeta de cateva ori, astfel incat barbatul ajunge sa invete sa isi controleze momentul ejacularii.

Incearca un mic exercitiu in care sa-ti implici si partenera. In momentul in care simti ca se apropie ejacularea, trebuie sa te opresti din miscare, iar prietena ta sa cuprinda penisul cu mana ca un inel, cat mai aproape de baza, si sa-l stranga pana simti ca senzatia de ejaculare iminenta dispare, dupa care continui penetrarea. Acest exercitiu trebuie repetat de mai multe ori in timpul unui contact sexual. Vei constata ca, in timp, durata dintre doua exercitii creste si va puteti opri in momentul in care crezi ca penetrarea dureaza atat cat iti doresti.

O alta tehnica este oarecum asemanatoare cu procedura 'stop-start', dar in care, aditional, capul penisului este strans intre degete, pentru a diminua senzatia de excitare.

Un lucru extrem de important: ai incredere in tine ca poti sa-ti controlezi ejacularea daca vrei. Este doar o problema de vointa si exercitiu.


riddickDate: Monday, 2016-05-30, 17:21:36 | Message # 4
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The longer you are able to wank the faster you will be able to learn ejaculation control. No ifs, no and, butt plenty of butts.

The longer you are able to have your cock massaged the faster you will be able to learn ejaculation control. The most important advice I can give to any-one is to take huge big deep breaths. Accepting pleasure, surrendering, and allowing stillness and patience. It’s that simple. Every second is a celebration of righteousness. Ejaculation Control is an art. It’s something you have to really work at and practice but it worth the effort, believes me. These exercises are for you to strengthen the anal sphincter muscle and prostate which are the centers of control for preventing the release of “cumm“. Remember that this is PRACTICE and the goal is to develop a skill, so be patient with yourself. 1. lying down, bring yourself CLOSE to the point of EJACULATION 2. Squeezing the anal sphincter muscles as tight as you can, as if you are trying to stop yourself having a shit. 3. At the same time, the tip of the tongue is placed at the top of the mouth 4. Try to suck like you are a sacred whore. I KNOW IT SOUNDS A BIT SILLY BUT TRY IT. 5. Massage the palm of your left hand into the area surrounding your third eye (the area between you eyebrows) while you begin to contract the anal sphincter muscles. Squeeze these muscles very tightly.

With each blast of ejacualate move your cock around the clock. First blast is 12, the next 1, and 2, if you feel your going to stop ejaculating move quickly to 3, 4 5 and 6 oclock. Take a big deep breath as you move to 7, you are getting there. 8 o clock will probably hit your face. 9 o cock, is time to shout, 10 really loudlt , 11 is time to celebrate, As in “The Palm Swirl”, use your open palm on his glans, but stop at each “hour of the clock”, and make circular motions with your open palm, as he ejaculates. This will make this part of the head EXTREMELY sensitive, so move to the next hour after eacch ejaculate. Pay particular attention to 5 and 11 o clock. Then pull your magnificance into the middle, and just cumm, cumm, cumm,

Hartman and Fithian, who were pioneering sex researchers, concluded that men who can wank for 20 minutes can make love for as long as they want with their partners. The most important advice I can give to any-one who wants to wank for longer is that the secret is putting one hand on your cock and one hand on your belly to feel yourself breathe. Huge big deep breaths. Accepting pleasure, surrendering, and allowing stillness and patience. It’s that simple. Every second is a celebration of righteousness. Spend sometime without having A HARDON, you know the space between semi erect and_slighty less, that’s where you need to take your fattening cock. As soon as you get a hard on, and are not ready to cumm, stop wanking for some time. Drink lots of water with a touch of lemon, loads of honey, and some drops of olive oil in each glass, and most importantly dance yourself silly, until you fall down, dance, dance, dance, and then fall down again, then you can cunt-inue. Huge big deep breaths in through your nose, and out of your mouth. Fluttering the prostate and anal sphincter muscles will aid your ability. Fluttering this area (squeezing and releasing while shaking furiously) throughout the day, while driving, sitting or walking, is an easy way to learn this art. While urinating, practice releasing in spurts, cutting of the fluid in small amounts until you’re done

Ejaculation Control is an art

It’s something you have to really work at and practise, but it worth the effort, believes me. These exercises are for you to strengthen the anal sphincter muscle and prostate which are the centres of control for preventing the release of “cumm”. Remember that this is PRACTICE and the goal is to develop a skill, so be patient with yourself. When YOU ARE RELAXED AND HAVE TIME. YOU CAN PRACTISE ALONE 1. lying down, bring yourself CLOSE to the point of EJACULATION 2. Squeezing the anal sphincter muscles as tight as you can, as if you are trying to stop yourself having a shit. 3. At the same time, the tip of the tongue is placed at the top of the mouth 4. Try to suck like you are a sacred whore. I KNOW IT SOUNDS A BIT SILLY BUT TRY IT. 5. Massage the palm of your left hand into the area surrounding your third eye (the area between you eyebrows) while you begin to contract the anal sphincter muscles. Squeeze these muscles very tightly 6. Take your biggest deepest breathe ever. HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT… for as long as you can 7. And then s-l-o-w-l-y… RELEASE, RELAX, REPEAT

The stop-start is another technique.

ejaculation control

The man is encouraged to masturbate alone. He is left in private to masturbate with dry hands. The man is encouraged to masturbate almost to the point of ejaculation and then stop. He should do this three times. On the fourth time, he is permitted to ejaculate. After he has achieved this measure of control, he can try masturbating with a wet hand, which will feel more like the inside of a vagina. He is encouraged to do the stop-start technique as before. Obviously, this technique could be adopted by a man who does not seek treatment from a therapist. But because there are often psychological difficulties as well as behavioural and mechanical ones, most men will benefit more from seeking treatment rather than using the stop-start technique on their own.

Sometimes when I come extremely close to ejaculation and feel a small discharge of seminal fluid coming up, I loosen my sphincter and body muscles suddenly to stop ejaculation. Then a totally different flavor of a new orgasm comes. The source of this orgasm is the prostate-perineum-anal area. I noticed that when I come, my anus contracts and tightens up, this pushes my orgasms beyond the normal limit. JJ

Alea iacta est !
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