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Penis Enlargement Exercise #1
One third to one half of the length of ones penis is actually under
the skin, inside the body. The penis shaft is supported and held
to the pubic bone by suspensory ligaments. By slowly, gently and
consistently stretching these ligaments they will lengthen over a
period of time. As this lengthening occurs more and more of the
penis that is underneath the skin becomes exposed.
Lengthening the suspensory ligaments is precisely the same
concept of most of the penis enlargement surgery. During the
surgery these suspensory ligaments are severed, allowing more
of the penis to be exposed. Given enough time we can essentially
accomplish the same thing without severing these ligaments.
We recommend doing the stretching exercise three times per
day. Immediately after urination is recommended only for
First grasp your flaccid penis in your hand at the base and gently
and gradually pull it forward (straight out) stretching the
ligaments at the base. The exercise should be done gently and
should cause no pain whatsoever. If it does cause pain you are
pulling too hard. Once you have reached the point of a good
gentle stretch hold that position to a count of 15 seconds then
release. Now rest for approximately 15 seconds. Repeat this
procedure three more times. Remember we are not trying to
stretch the penis but the ligaments that attach it to the pubic
bone. This is the rationale for grasping at the base and not
toward the head.
Repeat this same procedure two more times each time after

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