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African Penis Exercises & Enlargement


Nuba's Instructions :

In the name of the Ancestors,
I is a well known fact that African and Arab men have had and still do possess a very long and effective history in the art of elongating their gentailia. This is a program designed for male penis enlargement, for men born under developed or for many men who just want a self-esteem builder. Despite whatever the
case may be these exercises work and are very effective, they just require time and patience.




Note: It should be known the main reason why most penis enlargement programs don't work is due to patience on the users part. It aswell be known that with regular exercising differences will be felt within a month, but obvious resoultes won't be seem to about 6 months and more drastic resoultes will take about a year. Also these exercises will have little affect on anyone over the age of 25, because the most critical time of male hormone development is done during within this time period.

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Conclusion :
Well, that's the entire program. We promised you we'd be concise. All the current techniques, that actually work, are contained in our program. Do the exercises as instructed on a consistent 5 day schedule and I am sure you will pleased with the results. Make sure you take 2 days rest each week as well. It can
be 2 days in a row or you can break up the days if you like. You must remain patient. It takes time for the exercises to work. Also remember "it's not the size of the tool that counts, it's how you use it"!

Tip For Premature Egaculation :
When you go peeing, lift up your ankles, exert a pressure on the bladder in an attempt to increase the urine flow, then gradually and firmly squeeze your butts against your tail bone and anus to stop the urine flow, and hold the urine for 15-60 seconds. Repeat this process for 3-5 times. Practice this "exercise" any time with a light pressure on the bladder and lightly squeeze the butts against your tail bone and anus, in conjunction with step-wise inhaling as described in anal.jpg. After you get use to this exercise. you will vibrate your tailbone muscle when you practice it. Then, you will naturally exercise this tailbone muscle when you have sex.


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