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Go fuck yourself !


Ever wondered if fucking yourself up the ass is actually possible? Well yes it certainly fucking is to fuck your own ass!

A first hand guide to fucking your own asshole: First I play with my asshole, getting it to relax and open up. While doing this I periodically give my cock a couple of hard wanks, but not cumming yet. I let my dick start to go limp and then I grab the head and stretch it real hard as far as I can, down between my legs towards my ass. After a few of these I let it go limp one last time. At this point I am able to insert at least three fingers with ease into my ass. I grab my limp dick and stretch it real good, bend it in the middle toward my anus and push the head of my dick in my ass. Once in, I use my palm to push it in further. At this point, riding my own cock in my ass, there is no holding back. I blow a my cum into my ass and the sensation is unbelievable. When my cock goes limp again I pull it out and put my ass in the air and keep playing with my cum filled slippery hole. It makes me cum again all over my stomach.




Auto-Sodomy Guide 

By Nid

Its hard to explain but i will try. Make sure your dick is not errected. Only Lubricate your asshole, not your penis. Sit on the stool or one side of toilet seat. The area between your asshole and scrotum should be on stool or side of toilet seat. Before you sit, Hold tip of your penis from your left hand coming from back and pull it towards your asshole. Your scrotum should be on one side.

Now place your between your penis and stool and sit down. It will be like your penis tip is held by left hand from back side and streched near asshole.

Your right hand is between you(area between asshole and dick) and stool: You are sitting on your dick and right hand. This pressurize the penis to stay close to your asshole. if you think you are getting arounsed then slightly get up for one second a little and sit again. When sitting again, all the blood in the penis will go towards the tip, making your dick longer and bigger.

Remember your right hand /body weight is forcing the blood flow in the penis to stay there. from your right hand, put more pressure on penis (closer to where it is attached to ur body) to stop blood coming back in body and to make dick longer and bigger from the tip side and no blood on the other side. Once you feel the your dick has passed about 2 inches your asshole, then curl your right hand fingers to insert the dick in asshole. Remember if you will stand up from stool, right hand wont be able to stop the blood in the penis to come back and you will loose all the pressure.

Keep sitting, curl fingers and insert ur penis in ur ass. You can now have 2 inches inside ur penis. Get up a little for a little moment and get more blood in ur penis and keep inserting up ur ass. Once you feel its way inside, you can make it go to and fro by using ur right hand fingers curlings.

Good side: The blood goes infront side of penis, The pressure also makes cells in the penis to develope and making ur penis bigger. And you fuck yourself, literally. I’ve done it manytimes. Its more like sitting on your hand and penis pointing towards asshole with hand holding it. curl fingers insert it in ur ass once dick has enough blood to errected on the tip side.


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