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Go Fuck Yourself !



There seems to be interest in this subject by a lot of people for some reason. There is really little information on this subject and it's hard to come around somebody that can actually self fuck themselves. There are subreddits that mock the term and see it as a "go fuck yourself" type situation, but if you tell me that, I might actually go do it!

You can accomplish self fuck if you keep one word in mind. Relax.

Relaxing is the biggest word in the self-fuck club because if you're nervous or forceful, nothing will happen (trust me). You will not be able to accomplish this if you're gun-ho and try to rush this process, you probably will not get it on your first few tries.. That's normal, don't worry. We didn't evolve with a self cock in ass gene, so you sort of have to create one!


If at any time you get an erection, STOP and wait till you're completely flaccid!

1 - Make sure you're cleaned out. Nuff said.

2 - Make sure you can fit at least 3 fingers in your ass and be sure it's "loose".

This is where you can come up with your own way, or try to follow this.

3 - lub up your ass and the head of your flaccid penis. Do not lube up your entire penis because this will make life hard for you.

4 - Straddle a side of a bathtub if you have one (one foot inside the tub, other on the outside on the floor) or kneel down on your floor. Knee caps in front, feet in back.

5 - put down a towel under your ass or anything to support your hands with that is comfortable.

6 - Twist your penis around and to the left, so the "helmet" of the penis is facing the floor / tub edge. Push on the shaft of the penis so it goes under the left side of where your leg meets your pelvis.. so basically it's just going directly towards your anus from the left side.

7 - Once your have your penis as far as it can go, and it's flaccid or soft. It should reach a little past your anus. So now the bottom tip of your penis should be right near your anus.

8 - Gentle sit down, bringing your free hand underneath the one holding your penis for support. That hand should hit the ground / tub first.

9 - Now you're sitting gentle on your penis, the next step is the start "cupping" your hands, like you're forming the letter C. Be sure, BE SURE, your finger tips are just below your penis helmet.

10 - While cupping, you're bringing your penis tip in line with your anus. Once those are both touching, you can start sitting a bit harder, so there is force of on the tip of your penis against your anus, trying to get in.

11 - This is where RELAX comes into play. While pushing STEADILY, you got to trick your brain into thinking of something else. Look around and focus on something else, ANYTHING!. If you get a few seconds of real relaxation, this tip might start going inside.

12 - If not, keep the force, and keep trying to think of something else. If NOTHING is working - STOP, don't over do it. If your hands hurt - STOP. This is for your pleasure, not for your pain. Calm down, relax, and come back later and try again.

13 - If the tip starts going in, your mind is going to race, but try to keep the pressure steady. You might cum, so don't get all mad or something, you're just being normal.

14 - If all else fails and you gave up for the day, you can always flip your penis around like I said above, and just rub it back and fourth against your anus till you cum. It's a great orgasm! You'll have to be on your back with your legs in the air. Remember though, this will tire you out most likely.

Well, I gotta go, hope there was enough details for now in there!


Common Questions

There are always common questions that keep coming up and hopefully I can answer all of them in this one place.

  • What is your penis size?

My penis size erect is 6.5", but please remember that erect size usually does not play a role. I did add "usually" in with that comment because there are cases where a person with a smaller penis may not be able to actually reach. While flaccid, the penis is very flexible and stretchy and this is why self fuck is possible. Please do not ever try self fuck while erect.

  • Does weight matter?

Weight DOES matter! If you're overweight, there is a lot more room between your penis and your anus. I only weigh 160 lbs and I can put almost my full penis inside me.

  • How do you stay flaccid?!

When you're first starting out, you'll find that every time that you want to self fuck, moving your penis will cause an instant erection. You'll have to find a way to stay flaccid / semi hard until you get your penis behind you. Once you have your penis behind you and if you get an erection, keep it there until your erection fades and then continue on with your attempt. Do not ever force yourself to self fuck if you're erect, you'll only hurt yourself.

  • I can get my penis behind me, but not in! Help!

Self fuck relies heavily on RELAXATION. If you're not relaxed, absolutely nothing is going to go inside.

  • Is this dangerous?

If you do not force anything and you're not erect, self fuck is safe to attempt. If you have any pain, stop and wait it out (or try again some other day)

  • I've never experienced anal play, should I attempt this?

You'll have to loosen up and experience anal play before attempting self fuck. If you're weird about it, try turning your penis around like you're going to self fuck, but instead rub the head of your penis against your anus. The orgasm is pretty intense!


ONLY lube the head of your penis and your anus. Keep your shaft and fingers dry so you're able to have traction!


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