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Penis Enlargement Exercise #3
The second exercise in our program is often referred to as the PC
exercise (pubococcygeal muscle exercise) or the "Kegel" exercise.
These are the same group of muscles you utilize to stop yourself
from urinating or defecating. Significantly strengthening these
muscles will result in stronger erections, the ability to control
when you ejaculate and also give you more intense orgasms. It
will also cause your ejaculations to be more forceful as well.
Developing a stronger PC muscle is often an effective
intervention for treating both premature ejaculation and erectile
dysfunction. It also can help lengthen the penis because as these
muscles enlarge due to exercise they tend to push more of the
penis shaft out from inside your body.
Doing the PC exercise involves first identifying the muscles
involved so that you can begin developing them. This is easily
accomplished by attempting to stop urinating in midstream
before you have completely emptied your bladder. Doing this
once or twice will help you to learn the PC exercise. The same
technique that is used to stop urinating is the same muscles you
will be utilizing in this technique.
We start by first doing what we call the "Quick PC". Squeeze your
PC muscle quickly and then release it (let the muscle relax).
Continue repeating this squeeze and release exercise until you
reach a count of 100.
Next we do the "Slow PC" We squeeze our PC muscle and then
hold to a count of 10. Then release and rest for a count of ten.
Then begin again. Repeat this exercise a total of ten times.
Exercising the PC can be done anywhere, anytime. It can be done
sitting, standing, or lying down. Most find that sitting down and
leaning forward is the most effective way to get the maximum
benefit. This exercise should be done once a day five times a
week. If you find that your PC muscles are exhausted before
finishing the exercises simply stop for the day. Try again
tomorrow. Over a period of weeks your PC muscles will
strengthen enabling you to complete the entire PC workout.

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