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Penis Enlargement Exercise #5
Again you need to "warm up" the penis. We accomplish this by
soaking a soft wash cloth in hot water. Next "ring" it out. Now
test that it is not too hot by placing against your abdomen. If it is
not too hot we then wrap the entire length of the penis and leave
in place for 5 minutes. This serves to increase blood flow to the
penis and will help make your jelqing exercise more effective. If
you have just done this prior to length jelqing you can skip the
warm up this time. You can also skip this procedure if you have
just taken a warm shower. Just make sure you keep your groin
area warm until you begin jelqing.
Now apply a lubricant to your penis and stimulate yourself until
your penis is semi-erect.
Just like with "length jelqing" you use your thumb and forefinger
to grasp your penis at the base. We grasp the penis at the base
by making a circle with your thumb and forefinger. Squeeze
firmly and continue holding this position. Holding this position will
prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. You do not want to
squeeze so hard as to cause discomfort or prevent all blood from
flowing out of the penis.
With your free hand firmly grasp the shaft just below the head of
the penis. Now squeeze the blood downward toward the base of
the penis. Hold for 3 seconds then reposition your hand
approximately one inch down the shaft and again squeeze blood
toward the base of the penis. Repeat this until reaching the base
and then repeat the exercise again. Concentrate on squeezing
the blood out to both sides during the exercise.
Do this exercise for 5 minutes. If at anytime during the exercise
your penis becomes flaccid you will have to release and again
stimulate yourself to partial erection. If at anytime during the
exercise your penis becomes too erect you will have to pause and
wait for your penis to become semi-erect again. The total amount
of time performing this exercise in a semi-erect state should be
around 5 minutes. Do this exercise no more than once per day 5
times per week.

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