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PC Muscle Exercises

It is important for you to have a strong Pubococcygeal muscle (also call the PC muscle). Having a strong PC muscle gives you stronger erections and more intense orgasms. Also, using your PC muscle, you can control when you ejaculate hence eliminating premature ejaculations.

Finding Your PC Muscle

First and foremost, you have to know where your PC muscle is located. Its really easy. While in the bathroom, stop your urination midway. The muscle you use to stop your urine is your PC muscle.

The PC Muscle Exercises

Found out where your PC Muscle is located? Good. Now you can start doing the PC muscle exercises.

Quick Squeeze

- Squeeze and release your PC muscle quickly. This exercise is known as the Quick Squeeze. Start with 50 squeezes. Then move up to 100 squeezes. And then 200 squeezes. Your goal is to be able to do 500 squeezes non-stop.
- Your PC muscle may feel sore when you first start with the exercises. Don't worry, this is a good sign. It shows that you're really working that muscle.

Slow Squeeze

Here's how the exercise is performed:

- Squeeze your PC muscle slowly over a count of 5
- By the 5th count, your PC muscle should be completely tightened
- Hold your tightened PC muscle and count to 5
- After that, slowly release your PC muscle over a count of 5
- Start with 10 squeezes and slowly work your way up. Your goal is to be able to do 40 Slow Squeezes continuously.

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