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Sacred auto-fellatio


Meeting gods trough auto-fellatio

Okay, that should get your attention. No, I didn't just escape from a Hippie Commune in the Desert. I'm serious about this. I'm not going to get into Tantric Sex and Sex Magik and all of that. If you are interested in such things, then I suggest you get serious and explore them yourself. However, there is some pretty incredibly stuff you can accomplish if you know how with Autofellatio. When a man orgasms, it is an act of Nature (or God). This is why it feels so good. Because Nature is rewarding man the feeling of “pleasure” for spreading his seed. Because spreading his seed does what? IT CREATES LIFE. No matter if you are masturbating, either. No. It doesn't matter because you are practicing to spread your seed (through masturbation, we are rewarded with pleasure for practicing,too).

When a man orgasms he is releasing the seed and energy needed to create LIFE. That may sound a bit corny, but think about it. That's why most people yell out something like, “Oh My God!!!” When they are really having a kick-ass orgasm. That's because they are becoming part of Nature by Creating Life. Hopefully you are still with me... When a man orgasms when he Autofellates, he's doing the same thing, but yet on a personal and intimate level with himself. He's actually committing Autosex by literally sharing and recycling his sexual energy with himself. This is pretty heavy stuff I'm not going to go into too deeply, but, trust me, you can do some really unbelievable exploration with Autofellatio.

Here's one way to do it:

Sensory deprivation and auto-fellatio

Sensory Deprivation is the exact opposite of Sensor Bombardment, which we recently just discussed. Instead of sending too much sensory information to your brain, you send as little as possible. By filtering out all of this extra sensory “data” it allows one to concentrate on other thoughts or activities with extreme acuity and sensitivity. Sensory deprivation has been used for thousands of years to get “witches” to admit they were “witches” when they weren't (like at the old Salem Witch Trials) and by Occultists and Religious Explorers to explore higher states of consciousness and journeys. Basically, sensory deprivation entails cutting off your ability to sense what is going on in your environment. One way of doing this is in a salt chamber. You fill a chamber full of salt water. Lay inside of it and close the lid. The salt water will make you float and you will have a sense of weightlessness. The chamber will cut out any sounds so you can't hear anything. The chamber is dark so you can't see anything. You wear nose plugs so you can't see anything. For all practical purposes you become suspended in total darkness with nothing for your brain to perceive to let it know what is going on in your world.

This makes the brain wander like crazy and explore the darkness in which it finds itself. With no physical “space” to tell the brain what is going on, the brain typically starts coming up with interesting fantasies, hallucinations, and all sorts of wild and interesting things. To those who are used to dealing with this sort of thing, they can use it to solve difficult problems, find answers to things they seek, and just about anything else.

Another good example of sensory deprivation is from what people experience in an avalanche and are trapped under a mountain of snow. Because they've been tossed around so much, they no longer know which way is up, down, or any other direction. Being immersed in the snow cuts off all ability to determine where they are oriented in space. People in these circumstances go crazy before they starve to death; simply because they cannot possibly orient themselves in their environment. They are completely lost.

Well. When you start to do things like this with Yogafellatio, some interesting things happen, yet on a more sexual and God-based level. Of course, do not even think about trying this unless you are under the direct supervision and guidance of a doctor, you are a professional Autofellationist, have a 100% safe and sound mind, have a Priest standing nearby, and are invincible. But, if you do decide to take this path, prepare to be sexually blown out of your mind. I'm serious. People spend lifetimes studying Kundalini Yoga trying to reach such intense states of sexual power and consciousness that can be had with Yogafellatio if you know what to do.

In other words – Do this at your own risk !

You must be in a room you are comfortable with and have prior knowledge of. Decent temperature, no sharp objects, nothing to hurt yourself. The room must be totally dark. Cover up the windows. Towels under the doors. No lights. Get some really heavy-duty industrial ear plugs to block out all sound. Get one of those sleep masks to block out all vision. Get some nose plugs. Ensure that no noises like the television, telephone, door bell, or anything else will disturb you.

Get comfortable and shut out all other sensory data that comes into your brain through your senses. That is, apart from your penis in your mouth. Then, you start to Autofellate. Without anything else to disturb you – no sounds, no smells, no light – You will become part of a sexual journey that will be unbelievable. You will feel that you have become your penis. I kid you not. You will feel that you ARE actually your penis. You are this massively hard, throbbing, penis that is a thousand stories high up in the air. You can leap tall buildings in a single bound and can run amok having wild sex with mountains, cities, planets, and even the sun.

Sound crazy? Don't knock it until you've tried it. I can write a book on some of the out-of-this-world experiences I have had with Sensory Deprivation and Autofellatio. When you are shut off from the entire world, where you are only left with the act of one of the most primal functions of man, which is achieving orgasm for pleasure and for reproduction, and are completely engaged in this process... Then watch out.

Why do you think the Indian Tantrists have sculptures and architecture showing Autofellatio? The Tantrists were the people who viewed Sex as a Religion – All about Life, Death, and Rebirth. Their architecture shows every form of sexual act imaginable. Every form. And, yes, they practiced Yoga, too. See any connection here?

How about Kundalini? This is another Hindu ancient form of Sexual Religion that means “coiled.” Like the coiled serpent or Ouroboros. Ouroboros is the Ancient Symbol of a Snake or Serpent swallowing its own tail. Sound familiar? He pops in Scandinavian, Meso-American, Celtic, and many other forms of “Mythology.”

The whole concept of Autofellatio is deeply embedded in these ancient symbols and “religious” practices. Think about it. With no satellite television, no movie theaters, no books stores or libraries, no cell phones, no computers, and none of the other crap we have been smothering our lives with, these beautiful and adventurous people set out to understand, explore, and enjoy the things that were especially and naturally rewarding. Things like Sex. That's why you see these old Greek mosaics, Egyptian Paintings, Aztec, Mayan, Asian, and African depictions, and on and on and on, that totally show that these people were into Sex. They were REALLY into SEX. And not just the ole' Missionary Position with Jack and Jill snuggled up in bed, these guys were into some really incredible and mind-bending sexual thoughts, theories, and acts.

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