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How to self suck your cock

The ultimate guide to blow yourself




Auto Fellatio – Can Men Give Themselves A Blowjob?

Auto-fellatio is the act of oral stimulation of one's own penis as a form of masturbation. Only a limited number of men are physically capable of performing autofellatio.

Auto-fellatio may be something you’ve heard of – but then again, it’s fairly rare. Most often, auto fellatio crops up in fetish porn, but the term refers to the act of a man giving himself oral sex. Guys who are able to do this may enjoy giving themselves oral sex during masturbation. It seems impossible that a man can lick his own penis – but can guys really give a blowjob to THEMSELVES?

1. What Is Auto Fellatio?

Auto fellatio is defined as the act of a man giving himself oral sex and licking his own penis as a form of masturbation. This may include manual masturbation or may just involve the mouth only. It may sound impossible for a man to do this, and the truth is, most guys can’t. However, if a man has a particularly large penis size or is very flexible, it is possible that it can be done.

Similarly, auto cunnilingus is where a woman bends forward and gives herself oral sex. However, it is much more difficult for a woman to give herself oral sex than it is for a man to give himself a blowjob. This is because women have a little farther to go to get their mouths in contact with their genitals. Although it is very rare to see either gender give themselves oral sex, it is far less common among women simply because it’s physically more difficult to do so.

2. Can Guys Really Stretch That Much?

The far majority of guys cannot stretch far enough down to actually get their mouth on the head of their penis. You have to be extremely flexible and fit to be able to do it! It is very difficult to actually stretch that much, and it is often painful or uncomfortable. It can cause muscles to pull and tear, because the body has to be in such an extreme position for auto fellatio to take place. Usually, guys who are able to perform auto fellatio have experience in gymnastics or have some type of gymnastics training. Another way this can be achieved is by having someone help push the body and head forward towards the penis.

The truth is, however, that even guys who are able to perform auto fellatio cannot go all the way down on their penises. Most of the time, the mouth can only reach the head of the penis or the top of the shaft. It is very rare for a man to be able to stretch enough to get his entire penis in his mouth. For this reason, it is common for men to masturbate  with their hand and stroke the shaft of their penis while performing auto fellatio. This is because they can only lick and suck the head of their penis, so they complement it with the movement of their hand on the shaft.

3. Can Auto Fellatio Be Learned?

While having a background in gymnastics or having exceptional flexibility is helpful when it comes to being able to perform oral sex on yourself, this activity can be learned. Even if you’ve never been very flexible before, you can learn to stretch your body into a position that makes it possible for you to connect your mouth with your genitals. It will definitely take time and patience to learn, and it’s not something that you’re going to be able to do overnight. You will need to practice stretching daily, going a little further each time.

You can also do this up against the wall for better stability. The wall allows you to lean your lower back against it and angle your penis closer to your mouth. Be aware that auto fellatio is not something that the body was naturally built to do – go slow and if you experience any pain, stop immediately! It’s easy to pull or tear muscles when stretching your body to such an extreme.

4. Is Ingesting Semen Harmful?

Many guys wonder what their own semen tastes like – and if ingesting it is harmful in any way. It’s not – in fact, women do it all the time! However, if the idea of tasting your own semen (or ejaculating in your own face) turns you off, auto fellatio is probably not something you want to try. It’s unlikely you’d be able to get out of the awkward position you put yourself in quickly enough to avoid ejaculating in your mouth or on your face. While the ability to “suck yourself off” sounds neat, it’s more of a novelty than anything else. You’re going to get much more pleasure from masturbation or a blowjob from your partner.



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