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Autofellatio is no different than a woman licking and sucking on her nipples out of curiosity. Even for sexual stimulation, for that matter. What woman hasn't tried to taste her own nipples to see what the flavor is like or what sort of sensation she might feel? Hell, even my sister admitted she's done it. It's a normal part of being human trying to understand how others perceive us. Taste is one of those methods.

“How do we taste?” That sounds a bit bizarre, but consider it from your partner's point of view. Taste and smell are an essential ingredient in sexuality, companionship, and relationships. “Relationships” not just being segregated to sexual relations, but doctor-patient, teacher-student, employee-employer, and all other forms of relationships in our everyday lives. If your breath smells horribly and you are not aware of this problem, chances are that it will not only take its toll on your sexual potentials with other partners, but will also hamper other relationships in your life. The more we know about ourselves, means we know more about how people will perceive us. Taste/smell is one of way of gauging how people (and partners) react to us. Once we understand who and what we are made of, then we can go about improving ourselves.

So, back to Autofellatio. What about men and their penises? Is it really so different than a woman, her mouth, and her nipples? Really, I'm sure I can come up with all kinds of reasons and logical deductions as to why a man wants to suck his own penis and why it's so incredible and wonderful. Any man can, really. Of course, some people think it is a bit odd; perhaps even strange or perverse. I hardly think so, but that's just my opinion. Truly, if you knew what most of your “puritanical” neighbors got up to in private it would probably blow your mind right out of your head. Some of the freaky stuff that goes on behind closed doors is downright disturbing and bizarre and makes masturbation through sucking one's own penis seem rather tame. So, if you have a hang up about sucking your own penis, don't worry about it or get another hobby that won't weigh on your conscious so heavily.

I just stumbled upon a web-site recently of a woman who wishes to become the fattest woman in the world. Apparently this is her goal in life. In order to pay for all the food she eats, she has set up a website where men can watch her eat on camera for a fee. She makes her living from men who watch her eat. This is not my cup of tea. For others, however, it is. Does it seem strange that men would “get off” on watching an extremely obese woman eat all day? What's strange to some is normal for others. I don't judge people and what they do in life and don't want other people to judge me. So, I can suck my own penis. Great. Who really cares?

What about the psychological component or aspect of sucking one's own penis? What does it say about a man's sexuality...? Well, hell, I never really thought about that either, to be quite truthful. There was a French study on the subject but I haven't bothered to read it (I don't speak French). Why waste time trying to psychoanalyze myself when I have better things to do? Just take a look at most of the people who write these really deep and in-depth psychology books. Usually a picture of them will be on the back cover or on the flyleaf of the dustjacket and tell me what you see...? Most of them look like total psychos, in my opinion. Of course, you can't judge a book by its cover, but most of these people are the last people on earth I would ever listen to or ever take advice from, especially psychological or sexual advice. Hey, if you're interested in trying to figure out why you (or me or anyone else) wants to suck
their own penis, then knock yourself out. Personally, I have better things to do.

Anyway, many animals and other creatures perform autofellatio. From goats to dogs to walruses to aliens from Roswell. As Man is an animal, it seems appropriate that he would autofellate himself if he was able to do so. If Man can build a rocket (that looks just like a penis) and use it to land on the Moon, then he ought to be able to suck his own cock if he so chooses. Such is the nature of Man. Men, as well as women, seem to be fascinated by a man being able to suck his own penis. So why not make the best of it for yourself and for your partner?





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