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The Basic Milk

Important: Perform the Basic Milk exercise with your penis in semi-erect state. Also, you will need lubricant for this exercise.

Now that you're stretched, its time for the Basic Milk exercise.

Here's how you do it:

- Bring your penis to a semi erect state
- Apply a generous amount of lubricant oil on your penis and both your hands
- Grip firmly around the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger making an OK sign
- Slide your hand with the OK sign outward along your penis... towards the head
- The "OK" grip must be firmed. The objective of the Milking Technique is to force the blood to the head of your penis
- When your "OK" grip of one hand is at the middle of your penis, take your opposite hand, do an "OK" grip at the base and perform the same motion again (sliding outward)
- The sliding motion of each hand should last approximately 3 seconds
- Perform 100 slides for each hand for a total of 200 slides


Warm Down

Important: The Warm Down must be performed after you're done with the Basic Milk.

Lightly massage the entire shaft of your penis with your fingers for approximately 3 minutes
Perform the Hot Wrap again.


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