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Workout Schedule

Perform the Quick Squeeze follow by the Slow Squeeze. Do the PC exercises at least once a day.

Two Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I increase the repetitions and duration for the PC exercises beyond what you stated above?
Yes you can! As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it. As a rule, the more you do, the stronger your PC muscle and the more it benefits your sex life.

2. Can I perform only the Quick Squeeze exercise?
Nope. I wouldn't recommend it. The Quick Squeeze is easy because its a 'mindless' exercise. You can do them without thinking. The Slow Squeeze on the other hand requires concentration. Hence, there is the temptation to avoid the Slow Squeeze.
But the Slow Squeeze is important because it allows you to learn how to control your PC muscle. And this skill will become very useful while making love with your partner.


Workout Schedule

Now that you understand how the exercises are performed, its time to put them together in a systematic workout schedule for you to follow. It is important you do the exercises. That's the only way you can reap the benefits. So here's the schedule:


- The complete set of exercise will take approximately 32 minutes.
- Perform this workout every alternate day for 8 weeks.
- Why alternate days and not everyday? Simply, you want to give your penis cells time to heal and repair. This is especially important if you want enlarge your penis.



This workout is optional. If penis enlargement is your objective, then it is highly recommended you perform the Advance Workout.
But if what you want is a fit and healthy penis, then you only have to follow the Basic Workout for the first 8 weeks every alternate days. After that, reduce it to twice every week.
After the first 8 week (Basic Workout), proceed on to the Advance Workout and perform it every alternate days. So when do you stop doing it? Good question. You stop it when you reach the length you want.

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