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Anal training
riddickDate: Monday, 2016-05-30, 17:11:21 | Message # 1
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Enjoy your ass

I often wonder why it’s so taboo. Your arse is a very important and special part of your body. You should spend as much time exploring and looking after this part of your body as you do any other part. A healthy arse is an indicator of the health of the rest of your body. You probably remember from your biology lessons at school that the arse is the external opening of the rectum. There are two muscle rings called sphincters surrounding the arse opening. They work independently. If you insert a well lubricated finger about one half-inch inside your arse and then press your finger against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. They are very close to each other. The external sphincter is just like the muscles in your arm. You can control it. It’s easy to tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is different. This muscle is involuntary just like the muscles that make your heart beat. You cannot control it, but gentle massage of this sphincter certainly sends a very pleasurable signal to your brain. How you choose to look after and enjoy your arse is obviously up to you. The following are some suggestions.

Cleaning : Because your arse is close to either the vagina or prostate it is very important that you keep your arse clean. You can use wet sterilized cotton wrapped around your little finger to give it a gentle cleaning.rosebud-massage-male-bubble-butt

Enema : An enema is basically a surge of water into your arse. The water is then secreted cleaning the arse as it does. You can buy special devices for having enemas. Make sure that the water flows from a position above your arse. Massage your tummy in anti-clockwise in circular motions when the water is going in and massage your tummy clockwise when you are letting the water out. Release the water gradually in small amounts breathing in as you release and exhaling as you tighten. Many will find this a very erotic experience.sexual

Sun Worship Exercise : As sunlight is known to have fantastic germicidal and magickal qualities exposing your arse to its rays will help keep it healthy. Start by exposing your back to the sun. Bend forward placing your hands above your ankles. Feel the sunlight on your arse, and the feel the heat penetrate into your arse tissues. You can find a list of nudist beaches here.rosebud-open

Relaxation Exercises : These exercises can be done while standing, sitting or lying down. Tighten all the muscles around your arse, and pull them in. It should feel like your whole anal area is being pulled in. Hold this position for as long as it feels comfortable. Then relax pushing your arse out as you breathe deeply. Repeat this at least 81 times. it’s all very cock focused?

Alea iacta est !

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Forum » Riddick University » Anal Sex » Anal training
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