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The Ultimate Female Ecstasy
lussyDate: Friday, 2013-11-01, 22:57:09 | Message # 1
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The Ultimate Female Ecstasy


Kelly Ashton, Natasha Terry, Sandra Margot, Loren, Tricia Sommerland, Lauren Montgomery, Tiffany Million & Avalon.


The Ultimate Female Ecstasy is one of the most graphic educational videos ever produced, featuring seven of the most sexually experienced women in the world as they share their innermost sexual secrets, as well as demonstrating sexual techniques guaranteed to blow your mind. Featuring, Kelly Ashton, America's Number One Escort; Dr. Natasha Terry, Sex Therapist; Sandra Margot, Famous Sex Surrogate; Loren, Bisexual Porn Star and Tricia Sommerland, Hollywood Nymphomaniac.


This is kind of an instructional video for pleasing women. I recognized Lauren Montgomery and Tiffany Million (with black hair) on "the panel" of advice givers, as well as Avalon in a later oral sex scene. There isn't a full sex scene, but the footage is still titillating at times. There's kissing, breast play, and oral sex in separate scenes.

1) Buildup/Seduction: This is an instructional video on sex, so the buildup isn't really outlined.
Score: 5.

2) Kissing: At one point, Lauren Montgomery tries to convince one of the other women that women are better kissers than men are. This leads to a good, long kiss that convinces her ... and me for that matter.
Score: 8.

3) Attractiveness of Women: All of the women are way HOT.
Score: 8. OVERALL SCORE: 7.

Put on your thinking caps, and bring a pad and pencil. Class is in session.

Critic: This video makes a tradeoff. In order to be more informative and helpful, a lot more time is spent talking about sex than one might expect, so those looking for wall-to-wall action might feel let down. However, those who want detailed guidance on how to pleasure a woman, where her most sensitive spots are, which positions work best, and how to perfect everything from the kiss to the orgasm, this is the most useful video I've found. That said, I'll also mention that you have to deal with some of the most horribly delivered dialog ever recorded (especially Tricia. Everytime she opened her mouth, I wanted to stuff a sock in it).
Rating: A

Lover: They say that only a woman truly knows how to please another women. However, the fact is that even some women can use a few pointers. This video is just the place to find them. Some of the guidelines presented are pretty obvious, but most couples will be able to find a few new ideas and techniques to enhance and envigorate their lovemaking.
Rating: B-

Voyeur: The women are beautiful, and when they're demonstrating techniques, the visuals are deliciously explicit (i.e. if it weren't educational, it wouldn't be in the R/NR category). That said, the sex/dialog ratio is a little low for my tastes. I guess it's good if you want to learn something, but less so for those of us with another agenda in mind.
Rating: B

When this movie is good, it’s really good. Unfortunately most of the time it isn’t good, at least not if you’re watching it for girl/girl action. I would estimate that only about 20-30 percent of the running time has any lesbianism, the rest of the time is devoted to close-ups of crotches or other things as the beautiful cast goes on and on about how to please a woman.

Here’s a breakdown of the lesbian scenes: there is one long sensuous kiss, one good episode of breast sucking, and a nice long oral scene. They are all well done and quite erotic. The oral scene is the only one of any real length, perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes.

All in all this movie is like a hardcore version of one of those weekday afternoon TV shows where women get together to sit on pillows around a centerpiece of roses and talk about important issues in their lives. In this particular case the issue is how they do and don’t like to get their pussies licked. There is actually some detailed advice about how to pleasure a woman so this movie does produce what it promises.

If there was more lovemaking this well produced movie would merit at least four, maybe even five stars, but instead I have to give it three.

Juicy Pussy
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